Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Name: Bella
ID: #201609

Sex: F
Age: 3 years
Heartworm: N
Adoption Fee: $200

Bella is an adult female, estimated to be be around 3 years old. She appears to be a German Shepherd with a touch of another breed in her, quite possibly Belgian Malinois. She's petite and trim (about 60 pounds).

Bella is very intelligent and eager to please. There is almost no limit to what one can accomplish with a dog with these qualities -- she's an absolute joy to train. If you want a smart and fast learner, she's your girl! She needs a person who understands how to use reward-based training to build a positive relationship and bond. She will work her heart out for rewards and affection, and she needs an experienced person who knows what a treasure that quality is!

Bella loves toys and has a playful disposition. Although she's fully grown, she still likes to be silly.

She's also affectionate, and deeply in-tune with her human. She wants to be close -- physically and emotionally. She would be an amazing companion for someone who sometimes experiences some loneliness -- with a dog like this, their person becomes their whole world. She'll be the sort of dog who will follow you around and try to anticipate your every thought.

She is affectionate, and she loves to snuggle. In fact, she's a world-class cuddler. However, she's also a high energy girl who needs regular exercise. She's not a couch potato, but she is a great jogging buddy (with nice leash manners).

Bella wants to bond very deeply with her person. She wants the security of knowing she's somebody's special dog, and she so deserves to be! We think she's going to be someone's one-in-a-million heart-dog -- but it needs to be the right person.

For all Bella's wonderful qualities, she's complicated. Smart dogs ask a lot of their people. She needs mental stimulation. She also needs to be an only dog, where she doesn't have to share her beloved person with any other pets. She sometimes gets confused by the body language of new dogs and that makes her reactive to other dogs -- she's not a dog park dog. Instead, she'd love to be safe and secure on leashed outings, one-on-one with her person. No cats.

She can be very protective, but we think good leadership makes a difference for her. Good leadership, obedience training, and predictable routines help bring out the best in her. (Due to her protectiveness, she may not be well suited to small kids, as she might become protective over them when their friends come play -- though she's been fine with kids she's met in the past. No kids live in her foster home, so we have no information on what she's like living with them.)

Like most smart Shepherds, she may get into mischief if she gets bored. She's already crate-trained. She has shown good house manners in her foster home.

Bella is already potty-trained. She recently tested negative for heartworms after successfully completing treatment.

A completed adoption application, with vet and personal references, and a home check are required to adopt Bella If you are interested in adopting Bella please fill out an adoption application. All adoptions are approved solely at the discretion of the RSGSR board of directors.

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